Causes Of Blockage Of Discharge Port Of Screw Sand Washer

As an indispensable sand washing equipment in modern sand and stone production line, sand washing machine plays a role in reducing the mud content of sand and stone materials and improving the quality of sand and stone materials. Once the sand washing machine in production because of this kind of reason failure, will have a very big impact on the efficiency of the whole production line. For example, the problem of feed port blockage, we need to master the way to check the cause of the failure and solve it, so as to solve it as soon as possible when the failure occurs.


Causes and solutions of feed port blockage of sand washer

  1. The common reason for the blockage of the inlet of the sand washer is the blockage of the outlet. If the outlet is blocked, the aggregate can not be sent to the equipment smoothly. If it has been overstocked inside, it will naturally cause the blockage in the equipment and cannot be fed. If the inlet of the sand washer is blocked due to this situation, the operation of the sand washer should be stopped immediately, the accumulated stones at the outlet should be cleaned up, and then the machine should be started.
  2. In addition, too fast feeding of the conveyor belt will also cause the blockage of the feed port of the sand washer. Each sand washing machine has its own production standard. There are clear regulations on the power consumption per hour and the amount of sand and stone materials to be washed. If the speed of conveying stone adjusted by the conveyor belt is too fast and the processing speed can not keep up with the feeding speed, then it is inevitable to block the feeding port of the sand washing machine. If the inlet of the sand washing machine is blocked due to this situation, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the excess stone accumulated at the inlet should be cleaned first, and then the conveying speed of the conveyor belt should be reduced to the correct speed.
  3. In addition, there may be some relationship between the blockage of the inlet of the sand washer and the water content of the sand. In some cases, due to the excessive soil content of sand and gravel materials, it is very easy to adhere to the inlet under the action of water. If it is not cleaned regularly, the inlet of the equipment may be blocked. The effective way to avoid this situation is to control the water content of sand and gravel, and clean the sand and gravel at the inlet in time.

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