How To Choose High Quality Sand Washing Machine

In addition to the sand making machine, the sand production line also needs other auxiliary equipment processing. As a sand washing equipment to improve the quality of sand, the sand washing machine and the sand making machine work together, which is an indispensable link in the sand production line. The important function of sand washer is to improve the quality of sand. The quality of sand and stone is directly related to the economic benefits of users. If the content of impurities in sand and stone is high, its economic benefits will undoubtedly be reduced. The sand aggregate with uniform fineness and high purity has higher economic benefits and wider channels.


Before choosing the manufacturer of sand washing machine, we should know what kind of sand washing machine is a good sand washing equipment, which is inseparable from the working performance of sand washing machine. A good sand washing machine can bring higher economic benefits to users. It is a prerequisite to obtain high-quality finished products and a guarantee of high-quality output.

  • Simple structure and reliable operation

Good sand washing machine adopts simple and reasonable structure, simple appearance. The impeller drive bearing device of sand washer is isolated, which can avoid direct contact with water and materials, and effectively avoid bearing damage caused by sewage, sand and pollutants.


  • The quality of finished sand is high

A good sand washing machine has scientific and reasonable working principle and less loss of fine sand and stone powder. The grading and fineness modulus of finished sand washed by the sand washing machine meet the requirements of market standard sand, and the quality of finished sand is more guaranteed.

  • Excellent performance:

A good sand washer has reasonable structure, large processing capacity, excellent working performance, low energy consumption, in place sealing measures, high cleanliness, convenient maintenance, full blockage of oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate, which can ensure the high efficiency and durability of the production process, and good cleaning and dehydration effect of finished products.

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