Application Of Cyclone Separator In Sand Industry

In the fine sand recovery machine, the common parts of the fine sand recovery machine include motor, cyclone, dehydration screen, vacuum high-pressure pump, rubber pipe, etc. the key parts of the object depend on the performance, and the application of the key part cyclone plays an important role in the equipment power.


The cyclone of fine sand recovery machine is suitable for separating the sediment in the quality comparison of sewage, and can also be used for the dehydration of mud. There are two kinds of fine sand recovery units, one is partial pressure type, the other is gravity type. The waste water entering the cyclone separator enters along the tangent line at the upper part of the feed pipe by pressure or gravity. Under the action of centrifugal force, the coarse particulate matter is thrown to the wall of the cyclone separator, so as to rotate downward and discharge together with the formed mud. After the smaller material rotates to a certain extent, it is discharged with the secondary upper vortex.

Advantages of cyclone of LDHB fine sand recovery machine:

  1. The whole process of the cyclone of the fine sand recovery machine is fully automatic without labor, which can save a lot of labor costs in the sewage treatment process.
  2. The cyclone of fine sand reclaimer can effectively control the loss rate of fine sand in the process of manual sand making and improve the fineness modulus of finished sand.
  3. The dehydration screen, sieve plate and nozzle are synthetic plastics developed by our factory through repeated tests in conjunction with several molecular research units, which makes its wear life 5-6 times longer than that of steel plate and is not easy to block.

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