High Frequency Dewatering Screen With Hydrocyclone

Dewatering screen with hydrocyclone, also known as fines dewatering and recovery machine. It is mainly used in mining, construction and other industries for sand recovery and screening. The whole set of equipment is mainly composed of motor, slurry pump, cyclone, dewatering screen, cleaning tank, return box, etc.


Working principle of fine sand recovery machine:

The sand water mixture is transported to the cyclone, and the centrifugally graded and concentrated spinning yarn is provided to the vibrating screen through the sand settling nozzle. After dehydration by the vibrating screen, the fine sand and water are effectively separated, and a small amount of spinning yarn and mud are returned to the cleaning tank through the return box. When the liquid level of the cleaning tank is too high, they are discharged through the discharge port. The weight concentration of material recovered by linear vibrating screen is 70% – 85%. The fineness modulus can be adjusted by changing the pump speed, changing the mortar concentration, adjusting the overflow water and replacing the sand nozzle. So as to complete the three functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification.


Advantages and characteristics of dewatering screen with cyclone

  1. In the traditional wet processing technology of artificial sand, the screw sand washer is used for mud washing and dehydration of artificial sand, and the loss of artificial sand (especially coarse sand) can hardly be controlled. The fine sand recovery device can effectively reduce the loss of spinning yarn and control it within 5-10%, which solves the problems of high modulus of finished sand spinning yarn and low content of stone powder in artificial aggregate processing system Low cost problem.
  2. The vibrating screen adopts polyurethane screen, which has longer service life than other types of screens and is not easy to block holes.
  3. The hydrocyclone is lined with polyurethane, which improves the service life of the whole device, and can successfully complete slurry concentration, liquid clarification and other work.
  4. The system of dehydrated fine sand recovery integrated machine is large, which can recover 85% of the total amount of fine particles, and has incomparable technical and economic advantages compared with other equipment.

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