Dewatering Screen For Small Sand Mining Plant


In the production line of wet sand making process, the sand washed by the sand washing machine is not very clean, and the mud content in the sand is large, and the water content is also relatively large, which does not meet the production needs of machine-made sand. Therefore, at this time, the secondary sand washing, desliming, dehydration and other procedures of the vibrating dewatering screen are needed to achieve a reasonable particle size ratio and reduce the mud content and water content to the raw level Production standards.


Main functions of dewatering screen for small sand mining plant:

  1. The dewatering screen can separate the sand. This machine is a screening machine. The effect of sediment separation of dewatering screen and collection and recovery of fine particle materials can be flexibly applied to the separation process of some fine materials to achieve good material separation. The use of dewatering screen can not only avoid dust pollution, but also make the production efficiency higher and realize the effect of energy saving.
  2. Solve the problem of fine sand loss. The loss of a large amount of fine sand in the sand washer causes the imbalance of sand fineness modulus. The use of dewatering screen improves the quality of sand and increases the economic value of sand.
  3. Reduce the water content of sand. Of course, it also depends on the needs of customers. Some customers are very concerned about the water content of the sand produced by the sand washer. If the water content of the sand produced by the sand washer is too much, the sand pile will collapse easily. The dewatering screen belongs to the dewatering equipment in the sand and stone plant. The sand that has been dehydrated through the dewatering screen is not easy to collapse.

After a long time of investigation and research, LDHB found that if a vibrating dewatering screen is equipped behind the sand washer, the mud content and water content in the sand can be reduced to the production standard. In this way, the effect of sand is relatively good. If the effect of sand is good, the economic benefits of customers will increase accordingly.

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