How To Deal With Frequent Failure Of Sand Wash Production

Our sales and engineering team has received a lot of questions about those questions related to efficiency and productivity from buyers and customers, so in this article, we’re going to share some ways to improve efficiency of sand washing machines like the wheel sand washer or spiral sand washer.


1.Prevent debris from entering the charging port.

The cleanliness and mud content of sand are one of the reasons for the decline in the output of sand washing machines. During the cleaning process of the sand washer, it is necessary to prevent impurities from affecting the cleaning effect of the finished product. In addition, it is necessary to prevent materials with high hardness from entering the inside of the machine, which will cause wear to the equipment and reduce the service life.

2.Control the liquid level of the sand washing machine reasonably.

If the liquid level is too low, the cleaning effect cannot be achieved. The amount of materials for one-time cleaning must be within the specified range, otherwise it is prone to failure.


3.The sand washer should be placed in a suitable location.

it can be placed on a flat ground, or placed at a high place, but the plane must be hard enough, and it must not be placed close to the water source. These places are prone to collapse. Cause unnecessary production troubles. In addition, there must be sufficient production space to ensure stable material transportation and production, and sufficient storage space for machine-made sand after cleaning to avoid secondary pollution.

4.The operators should be properly trained.

According to our research, more than 60% of low or affected production capacity  may be caused by the error or Illegal operation. Poor technical level will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and will greatly reduce the production efficiency of the sand washing machine. In some cases, those wrong operations may even break the equipment.

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