Fracturing Sand Spiral Stone Washer


With the help of the principle that the specific gravity of the solid particles is different, so the settling speed in the liquid is different, the fracturing sand spiral washer is a kind of equipment for mechanical classification. It can also be used in ore separation, and has been widely used in engineering and other fields.

As a common stone washing equipment, fracturing sand spiral stone washing machine can separate dust and impurities from sand and stone, and filter water to remove impurities through stirring of spiral blade. The rotor of the machine adopts the central structure, the spiral blade is installed on the central shaft, and the reducer is connected to the central shaft to work. The advantage of spiral stone washer is that its structure is simple and reasonable, and it is also very favorable for production. Its simple structure is doomed to suffer a loss in value, so the price of sand washing equipment is much lower than that of sand making machine and crusher.


For the manufacturers of fracturing sand spiral stone washing machine, this kind of equipment belongs to the type of mechanical equipment with small profit and quick turnover. But the more this is done, the more the stone washing machine manufacturers should do a good job in the quality control of mechanical equipment, because the product reputation and user experience of small profit and quick turnover are very important. The simple structure makes the later maintenance and operation do not need to spend too much time on special technical training for operators. As long as the operation is standardized in the process of use, regular maintenance and inspection and maintenance for the fracturing sand screw rock washer can be carried out. In this way, the normal operation of the rock washer can be ensured in the later use.

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