How To Wash Sand For Concrete


In order to improve the purity of sand and obtain more sales, it is necessary to clean the sand containing a large amount of mud, dust and impurities. At present, sand washing machine, also known as impeller type sand washer, is often used. The impeller type sand washer focuses on stone powder sand washing and fine sand recovery, which can effectively improve the economic value of finished products. So,how to wash sand for concrete?And how to clean the sand completely?

Principle interpretation: in the operation of impeller type sand washing machine, the rolling effect of impeller will clean the sand and stone. During the cleaning process, the built-in special device can destroy the bubble wrapped on the surface of sand and carry out deep cleaning. In the rolling process of impeller, the sand and sand surface have friction effect, and the impurities covered on the surface can be removed. By increasing the water flow, the impurities can be cleaned out The quality is washed away, and the special waste water recovery device is configured, which will not pollute the waste water, which is environmental protection and high yield.

Advantages of LDHB sand washing machine

  1. Large amount of once treatment: the output of sand washer is between 15-200t / h, with large transfer capacity and strong impact force. It can clean a large number of sand with complex composition, soil and stone powder at one time.
  2. Simple structure and easy operation: the main components of sand washer are impeller and cleaning tank, which are easy to operate. The transmission device is separated from water and sand, which greatly reduces the failure rate and maintenance cost.
  3. High degree of cleaning: during the cleaning process, the coating layer on the surface of the sand can be destroyed, and the deep cleaning can improve the quality of the washed sand and greatly improve the economic value.
  4. Less loss of fine sand: the sand washing machine is equipped with filter screen, and the flushing water is controlled. Therefore, a large amount of fine sand will not be lost, reducing resource loss and increasing income.

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