How To Improve The Output Of Dewatering Screen


In wet sand making process, vibrating dewatering screen is a very important link. LDHB high-frequency dewatering screening equipment has the characteristics of high cleaning height, reasonable structure, large processing capacity, small power consumption, less sand loss in sand washing process, and has become an excellent choice for manual sand making dewatering screen industry. How to improve the output of dewatering screen?

  1. The soil content of raw sand will be the decisive factor affecting the output of vibrating dewatering screen.

For example, the amount of soil, stones, shells and other impurities in the sand. And the particle size of the seed will affect the output of the vibrating dewatering screen. Good sand is very important, so the requirements for sand making machine are also improved a lot. Good sand making machine is the prerequisite for good quality sand.

  1. The use effect of vibrating dewatering screen is related to the quality of the equipment itself.

No matter what kind of equipment is used, the effect is closely related to the quality of the equipment itself. Most people know that the same product, due to the difference in the quality of vibrating dewatering screen, has a great relationship with the use value brought to us.

  1. The operators of the vibrating dewatering screen will also affect the output of the vibrating dewatering screen.

Before using, the training of equipment operators should be done well to make them understand the working principle, performance characteristics and precautions of the vibrating dewatering screen: when working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate slowly after decelerating through the triangle belt, reducer and gear. Before using, the vibrating dewatering screen should be idled for one or two hours, and the work can be carried out only when there is no objection to its detection. Of course, no matter the vibrating dewatering screen or sand washing machine, we need to choose the suitable mechanical equipment according to the mud content and impurity quality of the sand or stone on site. It’s not that we should choose the one with large output.

Both of them have their own advantages and different characteristics. Of course, we have to choose the mechanical equipment according to your actual situation.

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