Liner Vibrating Screen With Sand Separator

At present, the price of sand aggregate is rising day by day. By using dehydrating fine sand recovery machine to recover the fine sand in the production line, the quality and output of sand and gravel in the sand washing production line can be effectively improved, and the actual income of the production line can be increased. The so-called dewatering fine sand recovery machine is a linear vibrating dewatering screen with sand separator. It can be used to wash and dehydrate sand and recover fine sand. It can effectively reduce the pressure of desilting in sand field and sedimentation tank of mining enterprises, reduce the investment cost, and truly achieve the effect of multi-purpose of one machine.


On the basis of the original dewatering screen, the equipment has the function of material recovery, which can be directly installed at the back of the sand washer. The dewatering screen on the equipment further dehydrates the finished materials of the sand washing machine, and the recycling system on the equipment recycles the waste discharged from the spinning machine, which fully solves the disadvantages of the sand washing machine (such as large water content of the finished product, large mud content, too much dust, difficult to remove impurities, etc.), and greatly improves the quality of the finished products.

Structure composition: the dewatering fine sand recovery machine is divided into two systems: dewatering and recovery. The dewatering part includes dewatering screen and vibrating motor, and the recovery part includes vacuum high-pressure pump, motor, high-pressure hydrocyclone, return water tank and cleaning box.

gravel washing equipment

Working process: the finished materials of sand washing machine directly enter the dewatering screen for dewatering, the slurry water discharged from sand washing machine enters the washing box of the equipment, and is pumped to the high-pressure separator through the bottom vacuum high-pressure pump for grading concentration, the fine sand enters the dewatering screen through the sand settling nozzle, and other waste water, mud, powder and impurities enter the return water tank for discharge through the overflow port of the high-pressure separator.

LDHB dewatering fine sand recovery units has two functions of dehydration and recovery, low energy consumption, long service life, simple installation, low maintenance cost and small floor area. LDHB can also tailor special models for you according to different customer needs.

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