How To Maintain The Sand Washing Machine In Winter

sand washer

How to maintain the sand washing machine? There are mainly seven aspects.

  1. Bearing is easy to be damaged parts, because it is greatly worn in use, it needs regular maintenance and oil filling to increase the bearing life.
  2. Check once every two months in general, and replace it immediately when it is seriously worn. For sand washing machine with rolling bearings, the bearing seats at both ends of the screw shaft must be checked frequently, and the reliability of the bearing sealing device should be paid attention to. In case of wear, water seepage and sand immersion, the machine should be shut down immediately, the sealing device should be replaced, and the bearing should be cleaned and lubricated. The rolling bearing can be lubricated every 5000 hours.
  3. In daily use, pay attention to the noise of the machine at any time; observe the operation and working conditions of the screw shaft, V-belt, sealing device, water pipe and other parts at any time; check whether the motor and reducer are overheated, and whether the bolts in each part are tightened, etc.
  4. The gearbox should be cleaned and changed after 3-6 months of operation, and the bearing pedestal should be replaced with new grease (calcium base) every 6-12 months.
  5. The electrical equipment B of large sand washing equipment must have reliable grounding device. In addition, the wire should be reliable J edge and installed in the snakeskin tube. Should often check whether the motor wiring wear and leakage, in order to avoid accidents.
  6. Seasonal maintenance of sand washing equipment is also very important, mainly changing engine oil, fuel, antifreeze, and increasing refrigeration facilities.
  7. When the sand washing machine is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to stand by and touch the machine body with hand, adjust, clean and repair.

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