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Sand and stone aggregate is the main source of construction industry. Sand washing plant is used to clean sand and stone aggregate. If raw sand and stone are broken, crushed and cleaned, construction sand with high cleanliness and uniform particle size can be obtained. The quality of sand determines its value, so the selection of a set of high-quality sand washing equipment is particularly critical. What kind of sand and stone cleaning equipment do sand washing plants in South Africa have? The following are several common sand washing equipment.

  • Set sand washing, dehydration, recycling as one of the integrated sand washing machine.Multi function sand washing machine is a sand washing equipment with three functions of sand washing, dehydration and fine sand recovery, which plays an important role in the process of sand washing. LDHB hot-selling integrated sand washing machine washes better sand grading effect, low water consumption of equipment, impeller transmission device and water isolation, which can avoid bearing damage caused by water immersion. The power unit drives the impeller of the sand washer to rotate, and the sand and gravel come in from the feed tank. After cleaning, the impeller takes the sand and gravel to the outlet tank to complete the cleaning process.


  • The structure of the wheel bucket sand washer is reasonable, the processing capacity is greatly improved, and the power consumption of the equipment is also reduced. Moreover, the wheel bucket sand washer has high cleanliness, slow operation, and less sand loss during sand washing, so it is a common sand washing mechanical equipment.The screen of the bucket wheel sand washer is connected to the impeller with bolts. The screen can be changed freely according to the needs of users, and the screen size can be adjusted. It can be cleaned by single machine and used in parallel to meet the capacity requirements of different users.
  • The spiral sand washer is a kind of sand washing equipment with very high cleanliness. The spiral sand washer has a large impact on the water flow, and can take away the small proportion of foreign matters and impurities in time to complete the cleaning treatment. Under the drive, the materials in the water tank of the spiral sand washer are milled up and down. When removing the dust and foreign matters on the surface of sand and gravel, it can also destroy the water vapor layer wrapped on the surface of materials, which is conducive to the dehydration of sand and gravel materials. The spiral sand washer has the advantages of simple overall structure, stable operation and high cleanliness. It adopts fully enclosed transmission device and adjustable weir plate, which can not only improve the sand washing efficiency, but also prolong the service life. It is widely used in construction, gravel plant and other industries.

Sand washing production line in addition to sand washing machinery and equipment, there are sand making machine, crusher, vibrating screen and other sand making equipment. Whether it is sand making equipment or sand washing machinery and equipment, we should choose the appropriate equipment to meet our own production needs and actual situation.

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