Usage Of Sand Processing Plant Water System


The treatment of sand washing wastewater is nothing more than mud water separation. At present, the commonly used sand washing wastewater treatment process can be divided into two categories according to the different disciplines and technologies used in water treatment: one is physical and chemical method, the other is biological (biochemical) treatment method. Whether the treatment process is reasonable or not is directly related to the treatment effect, effluent quality, operation stability, investment, operation cost and management level of the treatment station.

The mud and sand are separated by physical methods. Because the sand washing wastewater contains a large amount of sediment, the fine sand is first precipitated by natural sedimentation in the primary sedimentation tank, and then the solid content entering the dosing flocculation link is controlled to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost and investment of the reagent. Then, the flocculant is added to form granular precipitation, the supernatant enters the clear water tank for reuse, and the lower sludge enters the sludge Dehydration equipment, mud cake outward disposal.

The sand processing plant water system of LDHB sand and stone processing has the problem of purification and reuse of solid waste and sand washing tail water in the treatment process. The whole system has good processability, high material screening recovery rate, and all tail water is reused, which greatly improves the resource utilization rate.

The sand processing plant water treatment system of sand processing includes sand washer, fine sand recovery, sludge treatment, concentration tank, filter press and other equipment. The core of the process is centrifugal separation, gravity sedimentation, dynamic filtration and sludge thickening. Suspended solids in wastewater are separated from water by gravity, centrifugal force and filtration.

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