Sand And Sludge Screening Plant For Sale

Dewatering screen is a kind of vibrating screen for coal preparation, which is commonly used in mineral industry. LDHB Tailing dewatering screen is suitable for small particle size materials, such as fine sand, tailing and tailing. Compared with ordinary linear vibrating screen, the tailing dewatering screen has the advantages of large processing capacity, good dewatering effect, low moisture content of dehydrated materials, wide application industry and high cost performance.


Working principle of sand screening plant

The feeding tailings are evenly fed into the inlet of the screen by the feeding box (or hydrocyclone). First, about 1 / 3 of the water is removed at the place where the pre dewatering screen plate is installed at a level of 450. After entering the joint of the plane screen plate and the inclined screen plate, the material accumulates. The material particles settle by gravity and begin to form a thinner filter layer. The filter layer prevents the other particles from passing through the screen, making the filter layer gradually thicker.

The water that can not pass through the screen forms a pool at the upper part of the filter layer. Because the filter layer is thin here, the water is gradually removed under strong movement. The high frequency and low amplitude vibration makes the tailings and other particles that form the filter layer more and more dense, and vibrates to the discharge port. The material forms a filter cake shape. In addition to removing part of the water from the screen surface, the rest of the water is attached to the filter due to capillary action On the surface of the material layer, due to the installation of the negative inclination angle of the screen surface, the water will not overflow from the discharge port, but flow to the pool at the junction, so as to complete the dehydration of materials.

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