Sand Sludge Treatment Plant Price

For the buyers who purchase sand sludge treatment plant on construction site, the price is undoubtedly an important selection standard for purchasing the equipment. The quotation of manufacturers varies greatly in the market, and the increase of the price of the main material steel of the equipment will also affect the selling price of the equipment.

If the quotation gap between manufacturers in the market is too large, the price of materials is a very important factor. Secondly, the manufacturing process and labor cost of manufacturers are also the factors that cause the price gap of equipment to be too large. Different types of manufacturers also have a great impact on the price. Generally, there are two types of manufacturers, one is self-produced and sold, and the other is to sell equipment from other manufacturers on a commission basis. The price will naturally be higher. If it is self-produced and sold, it will naturally be a little lower according to the factory price.


The price of sludge treatment equipment in LDHB is relatively low, in which the pile driving mud purification system equipment is used to purify and reuse the pile driving mud generated in urban infrastructure construction. The sand in the mud is extracted by screening, washing and recycling equipment to obtain the purified mud, and then the mud is pressed into mud cake by the filter press to realize the dry stacking and drainage of mud and the reuse of water. Some mud can also be reused in piling operation. The pile driving mud treatment system is mainly composed of desander, dosing system and horizontal screw centrifuge. According to the situation of mud treatment and the requirements of mud performance, different process combinations are used. Sand washing mud with high sand content is usually used for fine sand recovery by desander, which can screen out particles larger than 150 mesh, remove large solid particles, and then process by horizontal screw centrifuge. The removal rate of solid materials above 0.05mm can reach more than 98% under process coordination.

The whole set of sewage sludge treatment equipment is independently produced by LDHB, and there is no middleman or dealer raising the price. So in terms of quality and price, we can give customers profit and satisfaction. If you need or want to know more, please leave a message.

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