Sand Washing Plant Equipped With Hydro Cyclone


Sand washing machine is the sand washing equipment often used by users in current mining equipment. The reason why the utilization rate of sand washing machine is higher and higher now is inseparable from the high quality requirements of users for crushed sand and stone, and also related to the characteristics of the equipment itself. LDHB sand washing plant equipped with hydrogen cycle has the characteristics of high cleaning degree, large treatment capacity and high recovery rate of fine sand, which can meet various production needs of users.

When the material enters the sand washer through the conveyor belt, it will be decelerated by the power unit through the triangle belt, reducer and gear, and then drive the impeller to rotate slowly. At this time, the materials enter into the washing tank and continuously roll and grind with each other driven by the impeller. In the process of sand washing, the impurities covered on the surface will be removed, and the water vapor layer of the coating material will be destroyed, which is conducive to dehydration. Then, water will be added to form a strong water flow to take away the impurities and foreign matters with small specific gravity, which will be discharged from the overflow outlet washing tank to complete the cleaning.



In fact, many users are worried about waste water and sand loss rates. To solve these problems, LDHB has developed a hot-selling sand washing plant equipped with Hydro cycle output 250 t / h complete with pre washing tank. It also suggests that users build a sedimentation tank to realize the reuse of sewage after sedimentation, and configure a fine sand recovery machine to fully recover the fine sand, reduce the workload of the sedimentation tank, and clean and recycle in one step.

According to market feedback, LDHB optimizes the transmission device of the equipment, so that it does not need to be polluted by water or other impurities, and can maintain normal or even effective operation level even in harsh environment. And the impeller and other parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials, which are solid and durable. In addition to the above design advantages, LDHB large-scale water sand washing machine also has the characteristics of energy saving, high output and customization. Compared with the water sand washing machine before improvement, it can save a lot of maintenance costs for users, and is the best choice for the majority of mine equipment users.

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