The Requirements Of Sand Washer For Materials


Different types of sand washing machines have certain requirements for sand and stone materials. The raw materials of sand washing machines are not suitable for all stone materials. If the unsuitable stone is washed by sand washing machine, not only the washing effect will not be obtained, but also the sand washing machine will be damaged.

General requirements of sand washer for materials

1.The aggregate with alkali activity of the sand washing machine shall be avoided as far as possible, otherwise, sufficient experimental demonstration shall be carried out.

2.Some quality indexes of the raw materials of the sand washing machine do not meet the requirements, but can be used when they can meet the requirements after proper processing.

3.For the weathered rock mass, when the weathering does not affect the physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability of a single stone and meets the quality requirements, it can also be selected

4.Whether it meets the quality and block requirements. When using sandstone and other rocks with large lithological changes as raw materials, relevant experiments must be carried out.

5.After the sand washer is broken, it is not suitable to use the stone whose needle and flake content exceeds the specification. When it is necessary to use it, it is necessary to take technological measures to improve the particle shape of the aggregate.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the sand washing machine has certain requirements for the material, hardness, particle size and viscosity of raw materials, and selecting suitable raw materials is very helpful for the work of the sand washing machine.

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