Sand Washing Machine Function And Types

As a kind of washing equipment commonly used for building sand cleaning, sand washer has many different types, each of which has its own functions and advantages:


  • Spiral sand washing machine can complete the cleaning effect of sand. The spiral sand washer is equipped with a spiral device, which can well mix sand and water, and then gradually screen the sand. The cleaning effect of the sand washer is very good, and the energy consumption is small. The spiral sand washer is suitable for washing, grading and impurity removal operations in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries. It is also suitable for washing fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. It is also suitable for building sand and road construction sand. The spiral sand stone washing machine has the advantages of low power consumption, high cleanliness, good sealing structure, fully enclosed transmission device and adjustable weir plate, which ensure the durability, cleanliness, good dehydration effect and stability of fine particle products.

wheel bucket sand washer

  • With the rotation of the impeller, the wheel type sand washer can drive sand and stone to grind each other and remove impurities on the surface of sand, which is also conducive to the future dehydration work. The structure of the equipment is becoming more and more simple. The distance between the impeller drive device and the soaked sand is larger, which will not affect the normal operation of the equipment and greatly reduce the occurrence of equipment failure. The wheel type sand washer is a kind of water washing sand making equipment matched with the sand making machine. The wheel type sand washer can clean the mixed sand, stone powder and impurities produced by the sand making mechanism, so as to improve the quality of sand.


  • The roller type sand washing machine also called rotary screen or trommel screen. It adopts the methods of rolling and friction washing to wash sand and gravel. This cleaning process can better ensure the cleanliness of sand and reduce the consumption of water, so as to ensure the rational use of resources. Due to the friction and rolling between sand and stone, it is easy to remove the dirt or impurities floating on the surface of sand and stone, and the next step of leaching is also very important. The sand and gravel material obtained by throwing in this way is very clean. The working process of sand washer is usually: raw material storage, transportation, cleaning, waste transportation, sewage sedimentation and reuse.

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