Sand Washing Process With Water Description

Sand washing machine is the equipment for washing sand by water. It can remove the impurities covering the sand surface, destroy the water vapor layer surrounding the sand, and realize dehydration, so as to play the role of efficient wash sand. The spiral washing and recycling machine produced by LDHB is a kind of multifunctional washing equipment, which integrates the functions of water washing sand, sand material dehydration and recycling. Its main function is to clean sand, remove impurities and sludge, and has the advantages of high cleanliness and large treatment capacity, which can make the finished sand grading more reasonable, and meet the customer’s requirements for the quality of sand content.


Working principle of screw sand washing and recycling machine

The graded materials enter the front-end double spiral sand washing device. Due to the different size and specific gravity of solid particles, the settling speed in the liquid is different. The fine particles float in the water and flow out. The coarse particles settle at the bottom of the tank and are discharged from the upper part by the spiral of the spiral washing machine. At the same time, the ore is crushed and washed by hydraulic and mechanical forces to clean the impurities and soil on the ore and wash the ore. The surface of the stone is fine mud and separated.


Then it falls into the front of the tailing dry drainage screen. The single direction exciting force generated by the exciter makes the material move in a reciprocating straight line and is discharged from the outlet. In this process, the moisture on the material falls into the screen box through the screen, enters the rear water storage tank through the overflow device, and then is pumped into the separation and recovery device by the water pump. The qualified material enters the tailing dry drainage and loading after the classification and concentration under the effect of centrifugal force Dehydrate and discharge the remaining waste water into the backwater unit.

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