How To Choose Silica Sand Dewatering Screen


In the process of washing silica sand in the machine-made sand production line, the dewatering screen can be used directly, because the mud content of quartz sand is generally low. Using the sand washing machine to wash sand not only consumes energy, but also has poor effect. The important thing is that the investment cost of the quartz sand dewatering screen is lower than that of the sand washing machine. So how to choose a high quality quartz sand dewatering screen? How much is quartz sand dewatering screen?

  1. Mechanical quality

Quality also determines the price of quartz sand dewatering screen. We all know that good quality machinery will pay more attention in the fields of material selection, technology investment, workmanship details, etc., and the investment energy and cost will be greater, so the price will also be increased. At this time, it will also provide greater benefits to the investment users in the application. On the contrary, if we choose inferior machinery, its application order will often fail, affecting the later use of machinery.

  1. Strength of manufacturers

The production strength of quartz sand dewatering screen manufacturers are different. The strength type manufacturers provide complete types of machinery and good quality. At this time, the price will be more appropriate and transparent. At this time, the technology will save the manufacturing cost and capital, so the price will be smaller and the manufacturer will have higher cost performance.


  1. Market supply and demand

The change of market supply and demand value will cause the price of quartz sand dewatering screen to rise. Generally, when the supply is excessive, according to the economic principle, the manufacturer will compress the profit, so the price will be reduced. On the contrary, when the supply is not required, the price of machinery will rise.

  1. Model parameters

There are many types of quartz sand dewatering screen, and each series of machinery can be divided into several types. Due to the differences in mechanical weight, output, manufacturing cost and so on, the price will naturally be different.

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