Sludge Thickener In Water Treatment


The advanced technology of sand washing sludge water treatment is researched and developed, which is a dehydration process for mud produced in various industries. According to different processing media, different processing equipment is selected, and the processing methods of the selected equipment are different. LDHB sand washing sludge thickner in waste water treament can separate sludge and water through concentration and sedimentation, and realize tail water purification. It has the characteristics of large treatment capacity, high dehydration efficiency and long service life.


The equipment of sewage treatment in sand washing field requires high flocculation effect. This machine adopts a unique dosing mixer to achieve rapid flocculation and achieve good flocculation effect. In the gravity thickening and dewatering stage, the sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the distributing bucket, and the sludge moves forward with the filter belt. The free water flows into the water receiving tank through the filter belt under the self weight. The main function is to remove the free water in the sludge, reduce the fluidity of the sludge, and prepare for further squeezing. Flocculation is used to treat the sludge reasonably. The principle of gravity dehydration and mechanical extrusion dehydration is used to remove the water in the sludge, so that the sludge can be discharged in the form of filter cake. Various industrial sludge can be dehydrated by gravity to obtain high-quality sludge cake, which can be dehydrated rapidly in the process of pressure filtration. The arrangement of pressure roller and the change of contact angle of filter belt ensure the combination of pressure and shear Therefore, the solid content and dehydration efficiency of mud cake are greatly improved.

It is necessary to select sand washing sewage treatment equipment, automatic dosing system, concentration tank and filter press. The concentration tank and filter press can separate the sludge and water, and can reuse the tail water up to the standard. The key to reach the standard lies in the correct use of the dosing device. A good dosing device can automatically mix and add, saving human resources and providing continuous and stable chemicals for the sand washing sewage treatment equipment. If you want to know how to choose sand washing sewage treatment equipment, you can leave a message to contact us. Our staff will provide you with detailed product information, product quotation and professional application knowledge of sand and stone industry.

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