How to solve wheel type sand washing machine problems


The wheel type sand washing machine is one of the essential equipment in the sand production line. It is inevitable that there will be some small faults when the sand washer is used for a long time, which requires us to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the sand washer. How to solve wheel type sand washing machine problems? Here we will introduce the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the wheel bucket sand washer.

  • When the connecting bolts of bearing pedestal or equipment connecting frame are loose, the vibration of frame may be caused. Therefore, the connecting bolts should be tightened after the equipment stops working, and the tightness of the bolts should be checked regularly in daily use.
  • The frame vibrates during operation.
  • When the gear structure in the transmission mechanism changes or the lubricating oil is insufficient, abnormal noise will appear, which will reduce the operation flexibility of the transmission mechanism. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the spacing between gears and add lubricating oil in time.
  • Abnormal noise of transmission mechanism.
  • Verify the stability of the equipment, timely check whether the bearing is damaged, check the wear degree of the sealing ring, if there is wear, timely replace it, and finally check the lubricating oil of the parts to keep the oil above the measuring line and clean without pollution.


  • When the sand washing machine equipment is not maintained in time or the shaft of the sand washing machine does not reach the required parallelism, the gear is prone to wear and damage, and if it is serious, the bearing may be damaged. Therefore, attention should be paid to the installation standard and distance when installing the sand washer to ensure the safety.
  • The gear of bucket wheel sand washer is worn or damaged.
  • Generally, this kind of problem is caused by the damage of the sand net or the loosening of the bolts fixing the sand net. When this happens, check the bolts and sand net, tighten the bolts in time, or replace the new sand net, to ensure the normal operation of the sand washer.
  • The amount of sand leakage or sand washing is reduced.
  • How to maintain butter on wheel bucket sand washer? Generally, the bearing of bucket wheel sand washer is very worn, so it is necessary to add butter with high performance. The maintenance of grease is very important, which can effectively reduce the wear of the vulnerable parts of the wheel bucket sand washer and prolong the service life. If the bearing is damaged and cracked, the repair cost is very high, which will seriously affect the sand washing efficiency.

The maintenance of the wheel bucket sand washer is very important, which can not only reduce the failure rate of the equipment, reduce the loss of sand, improve the service life, but also save the maintenance cost and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

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