Stone Washing Machine In Philippines

In order to improve the application quality of sand and gravel, it is usually necessary to use the relevant sand washing machine for cleaning. At present, the most common sand washing equipment in Philippine sand production line includes wheel hopper sand washing machine and screw sand washing machine. The wheel type stone washer uses the rolling of the impeller to clean the sand and stone, and the spiral stone washer uses the propulsion of the internal spiral blade to clean the sand and stone.


Wheel bucket stone washer

The wheel bucket stone washer is a very traditional sand washer equipment with mature technology, which can better combine the cleaning characteristics of domestic sand and stone, and has strong cleaning ability for various ores. The bucket wheel sand washer should not be close to the water source to avoid collapse.

In addition to the filter screen, all parts of the wheel bucket sand washer almost have no wear parts, that is to say, the wheel bucket sand washer does not need frequent maintenance during long-term use. The wheel bucket sand washer is simpler in structure and operation than sand crushing equipment. It doesn’t need much skill and is very popular with users.


Spiral stone washer

The fine-grained products cleaned by the spiral stone washer and the spiral sand washer are more stable, and the taste of the separated products is better. The spiral sand washer also has the function of removing impurities, which is easy to remove impurities in various ore resources and improve the specifications of the finished products. Compared with bucket wheel sand washer, spiral sand washer has an obvious advantage of good sealing performance.

Sealing has two obvious functions: one is to reduce the environmental pollution caused by small particles of ore and dust in the cleaning process; the other is to ensure that the sand and stone materials are not affected by external impurities in the cleaning process, so as to ensure good cleaning effect.

The above two common sand washing equipment, wheel bucket stone washer and spiral stone washer, have their own advantages and characteristics. Both of them have high cleanliness. Users can choose according to the cleaning requirements.

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