The Maintenance Of Vibrating Motors For Sand Washer


When choosing the small parts of the sand washing machine, we must carefully consider that the quality of the equipment is related to the output of the sand. The motor is an important part to drive the sand washing equipment, so the durability of the motor determines the sand production quantity, etc. LDHB after-sales service department will answer the common faults and maintenance measures of the motor of the dewatering screen for sand washer based on the actual cases on site.

1.Excessive wear or poor assembly of bearings will cause friction between stator and rotor, damage the surface of iron core, and then cause short circuit between silicon steel sheets, increase the iron loss of motor, and make the temperature rise of motor too high. At this time, the burr shall be removed with fine file and other tools, and the short circuit of silicon steel sheet shall be eliminated. After cleaning, the insulating paint shall be applied, and then it shall be heated and dried.

2.Remove the old winding with too much force, so that the slot is tilted and opened outwards. At this time, pointed nose pliers, wooden hammers and other tools shall be used to repair, so as to reset the teeth, and hard insulating materials such as green shell paper and rubber board shall be added between the silicon steel sheets with gaps that are not easy to reset.

3.The iron core surface is rusted due to moisture and other reasons. At this time, sandpaper shall be used to polish it, and insulating paint shall be applied after cleaning.

4.The high heat generated by grounding around the group will burn the iron core or teeth. Use chisel or scraper and other tools to remove the deposit and apply insulating paint to dry.

5.The connection between the iron core and the base is loose, and the original set screw can be tightened. If the set screw fails, the set hole can be re drilled and tapped on the base, and the set screw can be tightened.

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