How To Wash Sand With Spiral Sand Washing Machine


When mixing concrete, there are strict requirements on the sand content. If the sand content is too high, it will affect the strength of concrete and can not be used in construction, infrastructure and other industries. So the sand needs to be cleaned with a sand washer before use. So how to wash sand with spiral sand washing machine?

The sand washing principle of screw sand washing machine is: the sand and stone materials are stirred by the screw device in the equipment, so that the soil and water in the sand and stone materials are mixed and discharged from the flow port of the equipment. Under the action of the screw device, the sand and stone are gradually screened and discharged from the outlet, thus realizing the cleaning and screening effect of sand and stone. The sand is constantly grinded by itself during the rotation of the screw. Because of the different mass of the material, the settling speed in the water is different, so the sediment is separated. Because the torque of the screw sand washer is long, the sand washing is cleaner.

LDHB spiral sand washing machine can be divided into single screw and double screw structure. Large capacity, low power consumption and high cleanliness. The sealing structure, fully blocked oil bath transmission device and adjustable overflow weir plate are adopted to ensure that the series products are durable, with good cleaning and dehydration effect, and the fine-grained products are not disordered.

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