Stone washing Machine For Pebble Washing

Pebbles are often used as ideal building materials because of their unique properties. In order to increase the use value of pebbles, they can be used as sand and stone resources in construction, transportation, water conservancy and other construction after sand making. However, there are many impurities and dust mixed in the pebbles after sand making, which requires sand washing machine to clean them.

LDHB stone washing machine for pebble washing is a kind of sand washing equipment with simple structure, stable performance and high efficiency. Its main function is to clean the impurities and dust mixed in pebbles, and provide high-quality sand and stone resources for the market.


How to improve the sand washing efficiency of pebble sand washer?

1.In the cleaning process, it is necessary to prevent the entry of foreign matters and prevent impurities from affecting the cleaning effect of finished products. In the cleaning process of pebble sand washing machine, the equipment is processed in the open air. It is necessary to prevent impurities from entering into the sand washing machine to affect the purity of pebbles. In addition, it is also necessary to prevent materials with high hardness from entering into the interior of the pebble sand washing machine, causing wear and tear to the equipment.

2.Reasonably control the level of pebble sand washing machine. If the liquid level is too low, the cleaning effect can not be achieved. If the liquid level is too high, water resources will be wasted, and the ideal cleaning effect can not be achieved. It is also easy to cause the overflow of pebbles. The amount of pebbles to be cleaned at one time should be within the specified range of the equipment, otherwise it is easy to cause equipment failure.

3.To avoid unnecessary faults in the cleaning process, pebble sand washing machine should be placed in a suitable position, which can be placed on the flat ground or high place. However, the plane must be hard enough and should not be placed near the water source. These places are easy to collapse and cause unnecessary production troubles.

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