Washing Sand And Gravel Process

Water washed sand is a kind of construction sand which is obtained from natural aggregate by sand washing machine and conforms to the national construction standard.

The common sand washing equipment includes silo, vibrating feeder, crusher, sand washing machine, fine sand recovery machine, vibrating screen and other equipment.


In the sand washing process, the wheel type sand washing machine is often used. The wheel type sand washing machine is also called the impeller type sand washing machine. It is a kind of wheel bucket type sand washing equipment used with the sand making machine. It can be divided into single wheel washing and double wheel or multi wheel washing. It is an important equipment to complete the washing and dressing of machine-made sand and white sand. It can wash away trace stone powder and impurities in the mixed sand produced by the sand making machine, Improve the quality of sand.

The sand washing equipment adopts advanced technology and is developed in combination with the actual situation of domestic sand and stone industry. It is mainly used for washing, grading and dewatering of quartz sand for construction site, sand and stone plant, concrete prefabrication plant of hydropower station, glass plant and pressure sand for oil well backfill.


Washing sand and gravel process

The sand in the wheel bucket sand washer is continuously stirred, rubbed, collided and rubbed by the rotating auger, so as to destroy the water vapor layer of the coated sand and remove the impurities on the surface of the sand. Then the sand is continuously pushed by the auger and finally discharged from the discharge end of the sand washer. In order to better clean the sand to reach the mud content specified in the national standard, LDHB sand washer manufacturers use two tandem wheel bucket sand washer to carry out long-time mixing, rubbing and friction cleaning operation on the sand. The water vapor layer on the sand surface after cleaning by two bucket wheel sand washing machines has been destroyed, and most of it has been discharged with the sewage.

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