What Is The Daily Output Of Sand Washing Machine

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The application scope of machine-made sand is expanding continuously, which promotes the development of sand washing equipment. After crushing, screening and sand making processing, the large stones need to be cleaned to produce qualified finished sand. The sand washing machine can clean the soil and dust in the sand. It can be used with the sand making equipment, with high cleaning degree and less sand loss.

What kind of sand does the sand washer wash?

Sand washing machine can clean artificial sand and natural sand. Natural sand is a kind of rock particle with particle size less than 5mm, which is formed under natural conditions, such as rock weathering and river erosion. The sand machine is also called sand machine. For both types of sand, the sand washing machine can be used.

How many tons of sand can be washed by the sand washer in a day?

After entering the washing tank, the sand and gravel roll under the drive of impeller and grind each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of sand and stone, and damage the water vapor layer covering the sand particles. At the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, and the impurities and foreign matters with small specific gravity are taken away in time and discharged from the overflow outlet washing tank, so as to complete the cleaning work.

There are five specifications of sand washing machine, with the processing capacity of 15-260t / h. according to the working time of eight hours a day, the sand washing machine can handle 120-2080 tons a day. Sand washing output can be flexibly configured according to the output and demand of users. If the output is high, it can be used side by side. The above data is only an estimation, which depends on the stone powder content and mud content of the manufactured sand.

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