What Is Sand Washing Plant Process

Sand screening and washing equipment is widely used in mining, aggregate processing and other industries to process materials. In some cases, it is limited. It needs a kind of equipment with small floor area, simple operation, large processing capacity and better cleaning effect. In order to solve the shortcomings existing in the market, it is urgent to improve the technology of screening and washing device, which can better screen and clean, and promote the development of screening and washing industry. LDHB double screw screen washing plant is a multi-functional sand washing equipment with functions of water sand washing, sand material dehydration and recovery. The equipment is composed of spiral sand washing machine, dewatering screen and cyclone, which are combined together by ingenious design.


What is sand washing plant process ?


Firstly, the material is sent into the cleaning box of the spiral sand washer, and the material is pushed to the front-end discharge port through the internal blade of the double screw sand washer, and then through the discharge port after being washed with clean water. Double screw sand washing machine is a kind of spiral cleaning equipment, which uses screw principle to push sand and stone to separate from water and soil. The other end is provided with tailing dry discharge, and the internal materials fall onto the tailings dry discharge. The single direction excitation force generated by the vibration exciter on the tailings dry discharge screen makes the screen box move in a reciprocating straight line. The water on the material falls into the drop water tank through the screen mesh. The drop water tank is connected with the cleaning box of the spiral sand washing machine through a pipeline, and the feed inlet of the cyclone is connected with the water drop box through the pipeline and the slurry pump Under the action of centrifugal sedimentation, most coarse sand particles are discharged through the bottom flow port of the cyclone, while most of the fine particles are discharged by the overflow pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of separation and classification. The sand settling nozzle of the cyclone is located above the tailings dry discharge screen, forming a structure in which the concentrated materials of the cyclone fall into the tailing dry discharge. The water separated by the cyclone flows into the inner part of the recovery box, and the water flow inside the recovery box It enters into the cleaning box of the spiral sand washer to complete the cleaning, grading and dehydration of materials.

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