What Is Wash Plant For Sand


River sand will inevitably be mixed with soil, particles and other impurities after mining, and its quality and gradation are always unsatisfactory. At this time, we need to use wash plant for sand also called sand washing equipment to clean the impurities in the river sand to achieve sand and stone grading. In fact, users who know about the sand and stone market are very clear that there are many sand and stone particles before cleaning, but there are almost no impurities after cleaning, which meets the standard of construction sand, high quality, and the price is also very considerable.

LDHB sand washing equipment has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, small floor area, convenient installation and scientific design, which can effectively reduce the failure rate and maintain high operation efficiency even in adverse environmental conditions. In short, the working process of sand washing machine is to transport the river sand to the cleaning tank. The impeller is driven by the motor and reducer to rotate continuously to separate the impurities from the river sand, and then be washed away by water to complete the cleaning operation.


There are many kinds of sand washing equipment in the market, such as wheel sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine and multi-functional combined sand washing machine. Among them, spiral sand washing machine is widely used nowadays, with simple overall structure and strong practicability. The special design of transmission parts makes it adapt to harsh working environment and conditions, convenient maintenance and long service life, and has many characteristics and advantages. Equipped with sewage sedimentation tank, sewage reuse is realized, which not only saves water resources, but also reduces operation consumption.

Environmental protection sand washing equipment can be used not only in the sand washing stage of machine-made sand, but also in the mining process of natural sand, because its main function is to clean, grade and dehydrate the sand less than 5mm. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, stable operation, low failure rate, large processing capacity and low comprehensive energy consumption. It is applicable to sand and stone yards, mines, building materials, transportation, chemical industry and water conservancy Electric power, concrete mixing plant and other fields.

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