Bucket Wheel Sand Washer For Sale Australia


The commonly used sand washing machines are bucket wheel sand washing machine and screw sand washing machine, but according to the survey statistics, most people prefer to use bucket wheel sand washing machine. So what are the advantages of using bucket wheel sand washer for Australian sand industry?

  1. Variety of types: if the clay content of the later materials is too high or you want to increase the output, you can freely choose to increase the number of grinding wheels according to the production situation. There are single impeller, double impeller and three impeller to choose from.
  2. Low purchase cost: in terms of purchase cost alone, the price of bucket wheel is a little cheaper. This is because the spiral fuselage is long, covers a wide area, and the cost of raw materials is relatively high, so the price is relatively expensive. For customers with a lower budget, they can choose the bucket wheel type.
  3. Suitable for all kinds of working environment: the bucket wheel structure is relatively simple, the floor area is small, the operation is convenient, and the requirements for working environment are not high. Maintenance work is relatively simple, in addition to screen wear need to be replaced, other parts of the failure rate is very low, in the later operation process can save a lot of maintenance costs.

The above points are the main features and advantages of the wheel bucket sand washing machine, and its practicability is also very high in the actual sand washing process. Each kind of sand washer equipment has its own unique advantages and scope of application, the key is to meet its own actual production needs.

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