Working Process Of Sand Washing Line


Sand washing machine production line is not a set of separate equipment, it is a series of flow operation composed of feeding, sand screening machine, sand washing machine and other equipment connected by belt conveyor. What is the working process of sand washing machine production line?

  •  Materialstorage

Stone materials are generally stored in the storage hopper. ZL50 loader is required to be used for loading in the hopper, and the width of the hopper mouth should be more than 3 meters. The capacity of the hopper depends on the loading height, transportation height and gravity angle of raw materials. The larger the hopper is, the better.

  •  Materialtransportation

Generally, belt conveyor is used for stone conveying, and throttling device is set at the bucket mouth according to the mud content of raw materials to control the amount of cleaning. Due to the small amount of mud and dust attached to the raw stone provided by the general quarry and the adhesion force is small, the cleaning process does not need to be too long,

  •  Sand and stone cleaning

The key of roller sand washing machine is not to carry the internal water of material trough when the stone is washed and discharged, which constitutes the secondary pollution of stone.

  • Finished materialtransportation

Generally, the stone to be cleaned is transported to the finished product storage area or storage hopper for use by belt conveyor, so the storage place should be covered or washed for use.


Preparation work flow of sand washing machine production line:

The preparation work before work is particularly important. There is no problem in the sand washing machine before starting the machine. For example: whether the power supply is well connected, whether there is no leakage problem, the belt does not appear loose fracture phenomenon, etc.

  1. If you are not sure whether the sand washer can be used normally, you can first load a small amount of material and run it for a try. During the test, the feeding speed should not be too fast.
  2. Sand washing machine depends on water to wash sand. The amount of water and the degree of cleaning also determine whether the sand washing machine can operate normally. Therefore, make sure that the water quantity is large enough and the water quality is clean.
  3. The pre job training of operators is particularly important. Skilled operators can operate the sand washing machine easily and have the ability to identify and remove small faults.

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