Drilling Mud Cleaner

Drilling mud cleaner is a combine unit of desander, desilter and dewatering vebrating screen, It is a compact design with three parts in one unit. LDBH drilling mud cleaners are widely used for slurry purifying and recycling in pile foundations of railways and highways, municipal, subway, tunnel shield, oil drilling.

How drilling mud cleaner work?

The slurry pump sucks the mud from the mud pit, then enter into bottom layer screen of dewatering vibrating screen through buffer box, the coarse particles in the slurry are screened out and the  mud flow to mud tank through the bottom layer screen of dewtering screen. The slurry pump sucks the slurry from the groove and injects the slurry with certain kinetic energy tangentially along the pipeline from the slurry inlet of the desander. The centrifugal pump takes mud from the mud tank, and feed to desander hydroyclone with pressure for centrifugal separation, the solids/sand  was discharged to upper screen of the dewatering vibrating screen from the outlet nipple of the hydrocyclone. After dewatering process of the upper screen, the drier fine residue is separated out. The mud passed the upper screen returns back to the mud tank.

The clean slurry treated by hydrocyclone is eventually transported along the outlet pipe or returned to the mud tank.

Popular Applications

A Sand Dewatering Screen can be supplied as part of a sand separation system or added later as a final dewatering step.


1. The strong mud treatment ability and sand removal efficiency.
2. Polyurethane screen panel has the advantages of simple operation, low failure rate and convenient installation and maintenance.
3. The advanced linear vibration screening system is used to dewater the slag.
4. The vibration force, angle and screen size of the vibrating screen are adjustable, and the energy saving effect is remarkable
5. Advanced hydrocyclone can effectively separate solids/sand.

Frequently Asked Questions