How To Treat Wastewater From Sand Aggregates Process


The production process of aggregate processing system cannot be separated from water. A large amount of water is consumed in the process of aggregate washing, sand making and dust reduction, which leads to the problem of wastewater pollution. How to treat and recycle waste water has become a problem faced by many sand and stone enterprises.

It is suggested to combine sedimentation with equipment solid-liquid separation (mechanical dehydration) when designing the scheme for wastewater treatment of machine-made sand, that is, part of coarse particles are precipitated and separated first, and then the fine particles are dehydrated by mechanical means after being concentrated. The wastewater treatment production line of LDHB is a systematic solution to the problems of dry stacking of finished materials, tail water purification and dry discharge of solid waste. It mainly includes screening, cleaning, dewatering, fine sand recovery, solid-liquid separation, sludge dewatering and other links. In the whole system, materials are effectively screened, cleaned and dehydrated. Save resources and reduce water consumption. The whole production line has excellent continuous working performance and convenient maintenance. Long service life, easy to move and excellent effect. At the same time, ensure no pollution and meet the requirements of environmental protection. Mud sand separation, mud water separation and solid waste dry discharge have clear steps and detailed division of labor. The unique structural design of each machine ensures that it can play its role to a large extent.


The wet production process with low dust and stable quality is widely used in the production of machine-made sand and gravel. In the production process, due to the use of water to wash the aggregates at all levels, the water consumption is large, and the waste water discharge is large. Therefore, wastewater treatment has become the focus of environmental protection of sand and gravel system. If you are still worried about environmental protection sand washing, you can contact us. We will carry out experiments on your materials and carry out on-the-spot investigation, so as to design the equipment for you.

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