Sand Washing And Sludge Dewatering Machine


The advanced technology of sand washing wastewater treatment is researched and developed, which is a dehydration process for mud produced in various industries. According to different processing media, different processing equipment is selected, and the processing methods of the selected equipment are different. LDHB sand washing and sludge dewatering machine has the characteristics of large capacity, high dehydration efficiency and long service life.

The equipment of sewage treatment in sand washing field requires high flocculation effect. This machine adopts a unique dosing mixer to achieve rapid flocculation and achieve good flocculation effect. In the gravity thickening and dewatering stage, the sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the distributing bucket, and the sludge moves forward with the filter belt. The free water flows into the water receiving tank through the filter belt under the self weight. The main function is to remove the free water in the sludge, reduce the fluidity of the sludge, and prepare for further squeezing. Flocculation is used to treat the sludge reasonably. The principle of gravity dehydration and mechanical extrusion dehydration is used to remove the water in the sludge, so that the sludge can be discharged in the form of filter cake. Various industrial sludge can be dehydrated by gravity to obtain high-quality sludge cake, which can be dehydrated rapidly in the process of pressure filtration. The arrangement of pressure roller and the change of contact angle of filter belt ensure the combination of pressure and shear Therefore, the solid content and dehydration efficiency of mud cake are greatly improved.

LDHB sand washing wastewater treatment equipment description: screening equipment: tailings dewatering screen or tailings dry discharge system can be used to realize the dehydration and classification of materials. Concentration tank: sludge water separation is achieved through concentration and sedimentation to realize tail water purification. Filter press: through the filter press, the thickened sludge in the thickening tank is pressed into sludge cake to realize sludge dewatering and dry stacking.

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