Mobile Vibrating Screen

The mobile vibrating screen is improved on the basis of the traditional vibrating screen. The mobile vibrating screen is equipped with a universal rotating wheel at the bottom of the vibrating screen, which can be rotated 360 degrees. It is mainly used for screening places that are not fixed and convenient. User movement, with excellent performance that can be moved at any time. The traditional vibrating screen can only be installed in a fixed place, and the infrastructure construction such as piling is required in the early stage, and it cannot be moved casually after being built.

How mobile vibrating screen work?

The mobile linear vibrating screen is driven by a double vibrating motor. When the two vibrating motors are synchronously and reversely rotated, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block cancels each other in a direction parallel to the motor axis, in a direction perpendicular to the motor shaft. The stack is a combined force, so the movement of the sieve machine is a straight line. The two motor shafts have an inclination angle with respect to the screen surface. Under the combined force of the excitation force and the material self-gravity, the material is thrown up and jumped forward in a linear motion on the screen surface, thereby achieving the purpose of screening and classifying the materials. Can be used in the assembly line for automated operations. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and no closed dust in the fully enclosed structure. The higher screening mesh size is 400 mesh, and 7 different particle size materials can be sieved.

Popular Applications

A Sand Dewatering Screen can be supplied as part of a sand separation system or added later as a final dewatering step.


1. Frequently check the noise and material operation on the screen surface, especially the wire, iron rod, wood and other debris in time. Check the oil leakage of the vibrator and the bearing temperature and screen when the shift is stopped. The screen box is tight. The firmware is loose, and if there is an abnormality, report it in time.
2. Before the equipment is started, the lubrication of the bearing and the tension of the screen must be checked. Because the screen is too loose, local deflection and bulging can occur, which can lead to premature damage to the screen and degrade the quality of the screen. Before starting and running, you must pay attention to the tension of the drive belt, which will cause the vibrating screen productivity to drop, and even lead to complete blockage of the screen. Secondly, all bolt connections to the screen and the transmission should be checked.
3. Adjustable linear vibrating screen is a kind of equipment with large dust separation. In order to improve working conditions and ensure the health of workers, the screen machine should be equipped with a sealed cover and a dust extraction device.
4. The sieve machine should be started under no load. When the number of revolutions of the drive shaft reaches the specified value, the feeding device can be started.
5. The rolling bearing of the adjustable linear vibrating screen is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide or yellow glycerin, and 25% of the oil is added in winter.
6. When the screen machine is working, pay attention to abnormal sounds. When the spring is damaged, the bolt is loose, the bearing is damaged, and the screen is not pulled tightly, noise will occur, and the cause must be found to eliminate the abnormal sound.

Frequently Asked Questions