How To Deal With Waste Water And Slurry After Sand Washing

Whether the treatment process of waste water and slurry after sand and stone screening and washing is reasonable or not is directly related to the treatment effect, circulating water quality, investment and operation cost of the gravel plant. Among them, in the selection of sand washing mud dehydration and drying process, LDHB carried out three kinds of dehydration and drying process experiments: vacuum suction filtration, pressure filtration, centrifugal dehydration. Through the practice of engineering cases, it is found that the effect of suction filtration method is poor, because the mud settles in the lower layer. When vacuumizing, the mud layer becomes more dense and the water is difficult to be sucked out. The effect of pressure filtration method is acceptable, but the treatment capacity is too small and the mud content of sand washing wastewater is very high, so it is not suitable for the use of pressure filter, so it is difficult to be used in the construction site. At this time, it is necessary to use multiple machines in combination.


The sand washing mud treatment equipment is mainly composed of desander, dosing system and horizontal screw centrifuge. According to the situation of mud treatment and mud performance requirements, different process combinations are used. Sand washing mud with high sand content is usually used for fine sand recovery by desander, which can screen out particles larger than 150 mesh, remove large solid particles, and then process by horizontal screw centrifuge. The removal rate of solid materials above 0.05mm can reach more than 98% under process coordination. The sludge water separation can be achieved through concentration and sedimentation, and tail water purification can be realized by adding concentration tank and filter press. The thickened sludge in the thickener is pressed into mud cake by filter press to realize sludge dewatering and dry stacking.



LDHB is a manufacturer of construction sand, ore sand, river sand machine-made sand and other sand washing sewage, mud wastewater treatment equipment, sand washing mud waste cement water separation, mud dewatering equipment.

The overall design given by LDHB is reliable, including separation of mud and sand – recovery and dehydration of solid particles in materials; separation of slurry – purification of tail water generated in early operation; dry discharge of solid waste – dry discharge and dry pile treatment of solid waste in tail water. The adaptability to the timeliness of slag slurry treatment and slurry quality; the rich configuration of processing capacity, including the spare functions of the whole equipment and the assembled equipment; the reliability of the performance, quality and service life of the equipment itself; the switching of each group of equipment through the pipeline system and valve group is standby for each other.

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