How Much Water Is Used To Wash A Ton Of Sand

In fact, the water consumption in the sand washing process is related to many factors, such as the mud content of sand and stone, the sand washing equipment selected, etc. Taking the water consumption of common wheel sand washing equipment as an example, it takes about 2-3.5 square meters of water to wash a ton of sand, which seems to be a little more. However, the advanced sand washing equipment can realize the recycling of water. A sedimentation tank is set at the water outlet to reuse the sewage after sedimentation, which can also save water and achieve the effect of environmental protection.


There are two kinds of sand washing equipment commonly used, namely bucket wheel sand washing machine and spiral sand washing machine. However, bucket wheel sand washing machine is widely used because of its low sand loss rate and small floor area.

The wheel bucket sand washer is mainly composed of impeller, washing tank and transmission device. The overall structure is relatively simple, but the transmission bearing device adopts special design to isolate the contact with water, avoid bearing damage by sewage or other impurities, and effectively reduce the failure rate of equipment. Moreover, there is only one screen in the vulnerable parts, which has long service life, long maintenance cycle, time-saving and labor-saving operation, and relatively low energy consumption.


The working principle of bucket wheel sand washer is to use the friction between sand and sand to remove the soil impurities on its surface, and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer wrapped by it, which is conducive to dehydration. Then the water forms a strong flow, the impurities are discharged from the overflow outlet flushing tank, and the remaining clean sand and gravel are poured into the discharge tank by the impeller. This method has the obvious advantages of large treatment capacity, high cleanliness, good dehydration effect, and keeping the fine products in order.

Sand aggregate is the main basic material of many construction projects, and its quality will affect the quality of the whole project. Due to the over exploitation of river sand in China in recent years, the natural sand resources are rapidly reduced, coupled with environmental protection supervision and mining restriction policies, the natural sand can not meet the market demand at all, and the aggregate after cleaning can fully meet the aggregate demand of the sand and stone industry.

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