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Filter press is a special equipment for solid-liquid separation. Filter press belongs to mechanical dewatering equipment. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low dosage, high separation efficiency, high solid content of mud cake and large processing capacity.

With the development of modern industry, many enterprises have put forward requirements for solid-liquid separation technology and equipment. In view of the social needs of mineral processing, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemical industry, food, environmental protection and other industries, the application of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment has been promoted. Correct use and operation of belt filter press is an important factor to ensure its normal operation and increase its service life. At the same time, it is also essential to do a good job of daily maintenance.


Daily Maintenance Rules of Filter Press:

1.The daily maintenance of filter cloth should consider both the cleanliness of filter cloth and the filtration efficiency. At the end of each work, the filter cloth must be cleaned once so that there is no residue on the cloth surface. When the filter cloth hardens, it should be softened. If there is any damage, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

2.Check the sealing surface of the filter plate and remove the residue on the sealing surface so as to avoid leakage of slurry and liquid. Attention should be paid to protecting the sealing surface from collision. It is better to stand upright when it is placed, so that deformation can be reduced.

3.Keep the belt filter press and the surrounding environment clean. Remove the residual filtrate and cake from the machine in time. The piston rod is regularly greased.

4.Measure the insulation performance of electrical appliances regularly. If there is a fault, cut off the power supply first, and then repair or replace the components.


5.Oil should be changed after the new machine is installed and used for one month, and the oil tank should be thoroughly cleaned. After six months, the tank is cleaned once and the hydraulic oil in the tank is replaced. The hydraulic oil should meet the requirements. The oil level is above the center of the liquid level line.

6.The temperature of the filter material is lower than the rated temperature, generally less than 100 C. The filter cloth should not be damaged by mixing the impurities and hard materials which are easy to block the inlet and outlet.

7.Remaining liquid should be released in time and as far as possible after work.

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