Application Characteristics Of Rotary Vibrating Sieve


The rotary vibrating sieve consists of five parts: roller, frame, funnel, reducer and motor. According to the actual production, various placement schemes can be designed. After the broken stone enters the drum, the material is screened by the centrifugal force and jigging action of the drum. The stone of the same specification is sifted out and then dropped into the belt conveyor through the funnel and sent to the finished material yard. It is screened with the rotation of the drum, and the materials are screened by the centrifugal force and jigging action of the drum rotation. The stone with large particle size flows forward along the slope of the drum and is gradually screened out through different mesh screens. The large stones are sifted out and then fall into their respective funnels, which are then transported out manually or sent to the finished product pile by gravity.


Features of LDHB rotary vibrating sieve:

  1. Wide adaptability of materials.Rotary screen is widely used for screening all kinds of materials, whether it is inferior coal, slime, soot or other materials, it can be screened smoothly.
  2. The feeding mode is simple and diverse.The feeding port of rotary screen can be designed according to the actual situation on site, no matter it is the belt, funnel or other feeding mode, without taking special measures, the sand screening machine can feed smoothly.
  3. High screening efficiency. The equipment is equipped with comb type cleaning mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how dirty or dyed the materials entering the screening drum are, they can be screened, thus improving the screening efficiency of the equipment.
  4. In the same size, the circular area is larger than the area of other shapes, so the effective screening area is larger, so that the material can fully contact the screen, and the screening weight per unit time is larger. It also has the advantages of simple structure, convenient cloth, novel and mature technology, etc.
  5. Low energy consumption. The motor power of the rotary screen is small, which is one third to one third of other screen types, and the running time of handling the same amount of materials is only one half of other screen types, so the energy consumption is low.
  6. The whole screening cylinder can be sealed with a sealed isolation cover, which completely eliminates the dust flying and massive splashing during the screening cycle, and avoids the pollution to the working environment.
  7. Low noise. Dduring the operation of rotary screen, due to the small rotation speed and the isolation form of sealing, the noise can not be transmitted to the outside, thus reducing the noise of equipment.
  8. Long service life.
  9. Convenient maintenance.

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