Common Problems of Vibrating Dewatering Screen and How to Solve Them

Vibrating dewatering screen is widely used in the industry of mining, metallurgy, coal, electricity, building materials, and chemical engineering, etc. It is designed to process materials with high moisture content and is able to remove a significant amount of water from the material. Although it has the advantages of high efficiency, reliable performance, and low noise, there may still be some common problems that can occur during its operation. In this article, we will discuss the common problems of vibrating dewatering screen and how to solve them.


Problem 1: The vibrating dewatering screen is not working properly
Sometimes the vibrating dewatering screen may not work properly and the screen surface cannot vibrate. In this case, it is often caused by a loose or damaged vibration motor or a worn-out screen surface.

Solution: First, make sure that the vibration motor is stable and not loose. Check for any damage to the motor and replace it if necessary. Secondly, check the screen surface and replace it if it is worn out.

Problem 2: The screen surface is clogged or blocked
When the material is dewatered, the water and the fine particles may become trapped in the screen surface, forming a clog that prevents the material from passing through the screen surface.

Solution: In this case, it is recommended to stop the machine and clean the screen surface. Use a water spray to clean the screen surface and remove the clogs. If the material is particularly sticky, you can also use a brush to remove the clogs.

Problem 3: The bearing is damaged
The bearings of the vibrating dewatering screen may wear out and become damaged due to long-term use, which can cause the screen to stop working properly.

Solution: Lubricate the bearings regularly to extend their service life. If the bearings are damaged, you need to replace them.


Problem 4: The screen surface is loose
Due to long-term vibration, the screen surface may become loose, causing the screen to vibrate abnormally.

Solution: Stop the machine and check the screen surface. If the screen surface is loose, tighten the bolts and nuts that connect the screen surface and the frame.

Problem 5: The screen surface is damaged
Sometimes the screen surface can be damaged due to the material being processed, which in turn can affect the dewatering efficiency.

Solution: Replace the damaged screen surface in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Vibrating dewatering screen is an important equipment for the processing of materials with high moisture content. Although it has the advantages of high efficiency and reliable performance, it is inevitable that there may be some common problems during its operation. To ensure the normal operation of the screen, it is important to detect and solve the problems in a timely manner.

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