Sand Dewatering Screen For Sale In South Africa

The screen mesh of dewatering screen is made of UHMW — PE, which is resistant to impact, low temperature, wear, chemical corrosion, self lubrication and impact energy. The impact resistance is better than that of all plastics, and the wear resistance is better than that of PTFE, nylon, carbon steel and other materials.


Performance advantages of dewatering screen

1.The vibration motor of the dewatering screen is easy to replace, and the rubber spring of the base is used to reduce vibration, so that the amplitude is not large and the vibration is slow, so that it can be removed clean.

2.The vibration motor is fixed with high-strength bolts, the bottom spring is rubber spring, the density of the sieve plate is high, and there is reinforcement in the sieve plate.

3.It can be customized according to the output and water content. The side plate of the fuselage has a reinforcing plate, the bottom has a support, the bottom has a horizontal bar, the discharge port has a triangular steel plate support, and the plate is thick.


4.In addition, the screen hole can be adjusted according to the needs, so the equipment noise is low and the dehydration effect is good.

5.For the products with low mud content, the dewatering screen can also be used directly without sand washing machine, which can save the cost.

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