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In recent years, more and more sand factories have paid attention to the dewatering screen and used it. LDHB dewatering screen has emerged as one of the most trusted products of the majority of sand producers. Because it can greatly improve the engineering quality and bring rich profits to the manufacturers.

As we all know, the main function of dewatering screen is to clean sand and gravel. It helps materials dewatering, grading, descaling, desliming and recycling silver sand. It is widely applied for dewatering, desliming, deintercalation, which can be used to sand and stone washing plant, coal preparation plant, sludge recycling, mineral processing plant, tailings dry discharge etc.

The Difference of Dewatering Screen and Sand Washer

The sand washer, as a washing equipment for artificial sand (including natural sand), is similar to the main function of dewatering screen. They are both providing cleaning, screening and grading for sand and gravel. But there are some disadvantages in the process of wet sand production line, such as silver sand less than 0.63 mm in diameter will be washed away, which not only causes the decline of production and efficiency, but also brings serious burden to the environment.

LDHB dewatering screen is mainly used in wet sand production line. It can be used with sand washer or separately.

Matching Use of Dewatering Screen and Sand Washer

sand washer with dewatering screen
Why should they be used together? Because the sand washed by sand washer is not very clean. And the sand by washing in this way will have a large mud content and high water content, which does not meet the production needs of low mud content of sand. Therefore, we recommend you to use LDHB dewatering screen and sand washing machine together.

After the sand and gravel are washed by sand washer, the dewatering screen helps the materials to wash, grade, deslime and dewater again to achieve a reasonable particle size ratio. And the mud content will reduces to less than 0.7% to fully meet the production needs.

Dewatering Screen Used Alone

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The dewatering screen can also be used separately to reduce production costs for certain materials with low mud content, such as quartz sand.The quartz sand generally has low silt content . So using sand washer to wash it not only consumes energy but also has poor effect. What’s more, dewatering screen has lower investment cost than sand washer.

How does the dewatering screen work

1.The dewatering screen is different from the general tape coupling drive mode. It uses the vibration exciter to make the trajectory more stable and reliable.

2.There is an inclination angle between the two shafts and the screen surface in the vertical direction. Under the combined action of vibration force and material gravity, the material on the screen surface moves forward along a continuous jump type.

3.In the process of meeting the screen surface, the materials and water which smaller than the screen hole go through the screen surface, so as to achieve the purpose of dewatering, grading, and desliming of the materials.

The Advantages of Dewatering Screen

Based on the dewatering screen’s work principle, it has the following advantages in the application of sand production line:

polyurethane screen

1.We adopt the polyurethane (UHMW– PE) screen cause it has longer service life than other types of screen, and will not block the holes.

2.It can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand and control it between 5% and 10% .

3.Different solutions can be designed according to your requirements.

4.Reduce the stacking time of fine materials, and it can work directly to supply the market.

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