Automatic Filter Press For Sludge Dewatering

Automatic sludge filter press is a new type developed by LDHB on the basis of introducing advanced filter press technology in the world. It is a filter press which can remove moisture from slurry by winding two filter belts on a series of rollers of different sizes and in order. It has continuous operation by utilizing extrusion and shearing between filter belts. It has the advantages of high automation, energy saving and easy maintenance. It is a kind of equipment for sludge dewatering and reduction treatment.


Automatic Sludge Dewatering Filter Press Workflow

ⅰ. Automatic filter press requires high flocculation effect. This machine adopts a unique mixer to achieve rapid flocculation and achieve the best flocculation effect.

ⅱ. Gravity dewatering: gravity concentration dewatering stage

Sludge is evenly fed into the mesh belt through the hopper. Sludge moves forward with the filter belt. Free water flows into the receiving tank through the filter belt under the action of self-weight. Its main function is to remove free water from the sludge and reduce the fluidity of the sludge, so as to prepare for further extrusion.

ⅲ. Low/Medium Pressure Dehydration: Wedge Pressure Dehydration Stage

After gravity dewatering, it is still difficult to meet the requirement of sludge fluidity in pressing dewatering section. After this stage, the slight extrusion dewatering ensures the smooth press dewatering of sludge.

ⅳ. High-pressure dehydration: squeezing dehydration stage

The upper and lower filter belts are used to clamp the filter cake around the press roll for repeated extrusion and shearing, and a large amount of capillary water is removed, so that the moisture of the filter cake decreases gradually.

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