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At present, most of the existing artificial sand production lines adopt wet process technology. No matter what type of sand washer or crusher is used, the biggest disadvantage is that the loss of fine sand (particles over 0.16mm) is serious, and some even more than 20%. This not only causes serious losses, but also affects the gradation of sand seriously , and resulting in unreasonable gradation. The coarse fineness modulus, which greatly reduces the quality of manufactured sand products. And excessive discharge of fine sand will also cause environmental pollution.
In order to solve the above problems, LDHB has successfully developed fine sand recovery equipment. The equipment is designed by adopting advanced technologies at home and abroad and combining with the actual situation of sand powder. It has the international leading level and owns a number of proprietary technology property rights.Fines recovery machines are suitable for widely used in sand and gravel washing plant, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand production line, coal mining plant, coarse coal slurry recovery, environmental protection engineering and mud purification.

The workflow of LDHB Fine Sand Recycling Machine

The LDHB fine sand recycling machine consists of a motor, a vacuum high-pressure pump, a sediment separator, a dewatering screen, a cleaning tank, a return box , etc. When it works, the pump sends the sand-water mixture to the sediment separator, the fine sand concentrated by centrifugal classification is supplied to the vibrating screen through the grit chamber, after dewatering by the vibrating screen, the fine sand and water are effectively separated, a small amount of fine sand, mud and the like return to the cleaning tank through the return tank, and when the liquid level of the cleaning tank is too high, the fine sand and the mud are discharged through the discharge port. The concentration of materials recovered by the linear vibrating screen is 70%-85%. The fineness modulus can be adjusted by changing the pump speed, changing the mortar attempt, adjusting the overflow water quantity and replacing the sand nozzle. So as to complete three functions of cleaning, dewatering and grading.

The advantages of LDHB Fine sand recycling machine

1.High recovery rate: The equipment adopts semi-closed design. After the mortar is separated by the cyclone, the unclaimed sediment and waste water will be discharged from the overflow outlet at the upper part of the cyclone for reasonable waste discharge and recovery. The recovery rate is over 90%, which can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recovery.
2.Low production power: When designing the dewatering type fine sand recycling machine, the designers well considered the comprehensive cooperation of the motor, slurry pump and cyclone, so that the equipment can give full play to the maximum production efficiency in the work. At the same time, the energy can be utilized, the power consumption in the equipment process is reduced, and achieves the effect of energy-saving production. In addition, the semi-closed design of the fine sand recycling machine can not only make the fine sand recovery rate higher, but also can reuse materials (water), thus saving the cost and reducing the waste of resources.
fine sand recycle
3.Durable wear resistance: To solve the problem of serious wear of mining and sand production equipment, the designers put forward the innovative production concept of strengthening vulnerable structures of key equipment components with special materials at the beginning of equipment design, thus prolonging the service life of equipment to the maximum extent, ensuring the good performance of equipment, greatly reducing the failure rate of equipment in actual production and creating greater economic benefits for enterprises.
4.Economic and environmental protection: The research and development of dewatering fine sand recycling machine not only brings huge profits to sand and gravel enterprises, but also recycles the fine sand lost , reduces the silt content in the discharged waste water, slows down sedimentation in sedimentation tanks and reduces the treatment cost. The mixing of recycled fine sand with sand and gravel washed by sand washing machine can also improve the overall quality of sand and gravel.

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