Fracturing Sand Washing Line And Manufacturer


Frac sand is a kind of quartz sand with high purity, which has super pressure resistance and roundness. LDHB is one of the few oil fracturing sand washing production line companies in world. It has a professional, large-scale enterprise with a perfect team. The equipment price is reasonable. It can reduce the equipment investment cost and achieve the win-win effect of the highest output of finished products.

Sand washing method of frac sand quartz ore: the whole production line project is divided into five working stages, namely, raw material mining stage, raw material drying pre screening stage, raw material water washing stage, concentrate drying stage and finished product screening and packaging stage. Among them, our company is responsible for providing raw material drying stage, raw material pre screening stage, raw material washing stage, concentrate drying stage, finished product screening and packaging stage and other mechanical equipment. Main equipment: linear vibrating screen, scrubbing machine, multifunctional sand washing recovery machine, high efficiency thickener, box filter press, etc.


As a professional manufacturer of fracturing sand washing machine, LDHB fracturing sand washing production line equipment has the characteristics of more thorough cleaning and higher fine sand recovery rate. The former sand washing equipment is different from LDHB multi-function sand washing machine, which skillfully combines spiral sand washing machine, impeller sand washing machine and fine sand recovery machine, and uses one equipment to realize the functions previously realized by multiple equipment in one production line. The product has reasonable structure design, simple appearance and bright color. More importantly, the sand washing and fine sand recovery functions of the product can be brought into full play, Ensure the sand field owner to achieve good economic benefits.

The special sand washing machine for fracturing sand is a kind of water washing sand washing equipment used with the sand making machine. The sand washing machine can wash away trace stone powder and impurities from the mixed sand produced by the sand making machine, so as to improve the quality of sand. The failure rate of LDHB sand washing machine is lower than that of the commonly used sand washing machine, which is a good choice for upgrading the fracturing sand washing industry in the world.

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