The Installation Of Dewatering Screens

In the process of dehydration, desliming and medium removal, dewatering screen is one of the equipment we often see. The equipment can also be used for sand washing in aggregate plant and slime recovery in coal preparation plant, so it is also called sand dewatering screen, mine dewatering screen, slime dewatering screen, etc. So how to install the dewatering screen? What is the installation angle of the dewatering screen?


Installation inclination of dewatering screen:

  1. In the case of no special requirements from customers, the manufacturer will make it according to the standard model, that is, the horizontal direction, that is, the height of the four legs is the same, and then there are expansion wire installation holes on the four legs, which can be installed on the precast cement floor, so as to prevent excessive excitation force at the moment of start-up and stop in the process of use, resulting in the displacement of the screen.
  2. If the customer has special requirements, such as the inclination angle requirements on the customer’s site, the equipment meeting the requirements will be produced according to the customer’s requirements.
  3. Generally, there is no strict requirement for the inclination angle. Most of the materials can be kept horizontal. If the material is easy to be screened, for example, the mesh is relatively large, and the speed or quantity of the material is not large, as long as the material passes through the top, it can be screened out. We also want to improve the output of the screening machine. In this case, we can slightly lower the outlet Just tilt a little.
  4. In addition, if our materials are small, the mesh is small, and the output requirement is not very high, we can often slightly increase the discharge port on the premise of ensuring the output, so as to improve our screening rate.


How to install the dewatering screen?

  • Check whether the package of dewatering screen is intact and damp. Whether the vibration motor is deformed or damaged, whether the parts are complete, and whether the fasteners are loose or fall off.
  • Check whether the lifting rings are tightened in place before lifting.
  • The roughness of the contact surface between the vibrating screen and the foot of the vibrating motor shall not be less than 6.3.
  • Foot bolts shall be of grade 8.8 strength and shall be locked with check nuts or spring washers to prevent loosening.

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