How Does A Sand Washer Rotary Work

The rotary stone washing machine, relative to the spiral stone washing machine, has the advantages of large yield, small running noise and more convenient maintenance.


Stone washing machine is the latest product developed by LDHB, the equipment is a new generation of practical products that have been redesigned, manufactured, tested and successfully developed on the basis of traditional stone washing equipment. LDHB sand washer rotary equipment is now used in major key projects, and has been highly recognized by the vast number of customers. LDHB can be customized to the needs of users a variety of stone and sand washing machinery.

The working principle of rotary screening machine:

The drum unit is tilted and mounted on the frame. The motor is connected by the gearbox and the roller unit via a coupling, which drives the drum unit to rotate around its axis. When the material into the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, so that the material on the sieve flip and roll, so that the qualified material (sieve product) through the bottom of the drum back end of the outlet, unqualified material (product on the product) by the drum tail drain. Because the material flips and rolls in the drum, the material stuck in the sieve can be ejected, preventing the sieve from clogging.


Rotary sand and stone washer features:

  • Highly integrity: In addition to the finished material pile belt machine, all systems are integrated in a whole framework, not only to ensure the integrity of the equipment and leave a moderate maintenance and inspection space. The high degree of integrity makes it easy to store or transfer on the construction site for convenience and safety.
  • Quality reliability: Its core stone washing system using the stirring principle of the blender, raw materials in the mixing barrel by continuous spiral blade roll, push and rub between the materials, the effect of strong natural reliability is high.

The roller stone washing machine is a new type of stone washing equipment developed for the China Railway Bureau and the China Construction Bureau, which has the advantages of large yield, low operating noise and more convenient maintenance compared to the spiral stone washing machine.

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