Sand Washing Water How To Be Recycled


LDHB zero discharge technology system of sand washing tailing water treatment is a systematic solution to the problems of high mud content sand (stone powder) and other materials washing, tail water purification, dry discharge of solid waste, etc. the whole system is composed of sand washing equipment (or integrated equipment of sand washing and recovery), sludge concentration tank of hydrogen purification body, sludge filter press (belt filter press, box filter press), paste Thickener,etc.

The system is characterized by reasonable technology, optimized structure design, smooth working process, convenient installation and commissioning, simple maintenance and operation. It is widely used in metal mines, non-metal mines, sand making and washing, pile driving mud, shield muck, waste incineration slag treatment, municipal dredging, river dredging and other operations for material washing and tailwater treatment.


The zero discharge system of washing sand (stone powder) tail water treatment consists of three parts: separation of mud and sand, separation of mud and water and dry discharge of solid waste. The separation of mud and sand mainly depends on the sand washing equipment (or the integrated equipment of sand washing and recovery). The cleaning part of the equipment is to desliminate the slurry (concentration < 50%), and then concentrate the wastewater by the separator. After treatment, the separated wastewater enters into the wastewater transfer tank, while the solid materials are screened out by the vibrating screen to separate the mud and sand 。

The sludge thickener of the three hydrogen purification body plays a role of sludge water separation in the whole system. Based on the gravity settling function of the equipment itself, the slurry wastewater with solid content of 2% – 10% can be lifted to 40% – 60% slurry by gravity settling, which is convenient for the subsequent dry discharge treatment. The dry discharge of solid waste is carried out by the box (or belt type) sludge filter press, which transports the sludge into the equipment After preparation, the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth through the extrusion between the filter plates to achieve the purpose of dehydration and dry drainage.

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