How to treat sludge with Filter Press

What is a Filter Press?

LDHB filter press uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth to force much of the water in the material to pass through the filter cloth and flow out of the machine . The material is blocked in the filter chamber to form a filter cake and the filtration is completed. In the process of filtration, the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth greatly improves the filtration speed and reduces the moisture content of the filter cake.
slurry treatment
It is worth mentioning that LDHB filter press adopts special filter cloth, which makes the filtrate exceptionally clear and the filtering effect is much better than that of vacuum filter.

Filter Press for sludge treatment

Filter Press
This process is also called slurry dewatering. It means a number of filter-plates are closely lined up by the action of strong mechanical force and there will be a filter chamber formed between the filter plate surfaces.
mud cake
Then the materials will be fed into the filter chamber by the strong pressure. And the solid part of the filter material entering the filter chamber is intercepted by the filter cloth to form a filter cake, and the liquid is discharged through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.
sludge treatment